W MI 2

M2A3 Anti-Personnel Mine (also know as the M2 mine or M2A3) is a bounding Anti-Personnel mine exclusive to the U.S. Army.

In-Game Description

The M2A3 mine is an American anti-personnel mine. When triggered the mine launches into the air and detonates. The explosion projects a lethal spray of steel balls and fragments in all directions.


Anti-Personnel mines are best used in high-traffic choke points such as doorways and stairwells. While they will display a red-and-white skull and crossbones indicating danger to any friendly unit, they are still visible and can be detected and shot by a keen-eyed enemy soldier. Note, however, that friendlies as well as the person who placed the mine can still trigger the mine.


  • Like the German S-Mine, the M2A3 does not actually launch any projectiles when detonated in-game. Instead, the player that triggers it is subjected to a fatal explosion that bursts upward from where the mine was located.
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